Här kommer lite info om Stubbracet!
Det är viktigt att ni verkligen har läst och förstått informationen i detta meddelande!!!!


Kl: 09.00 besiktning/anmälan
Kl: 09.45 förarmöte
Kl: 10.00 kvalheaten börjar.
Kl: 13.00-13.30 Rast (denna tid är väldigt osäker, beror på hur dagen flyter på)
Kl: 13:30 Finalheat

Plats: meddelas när erat team är anmält
Pris: 200kr per bil/team. (2-3pers) (Betalas kontant med jämna pengar vid besiktning/anmälan på tävlingsdagen)
Antal deltagare: 15 bilar, först till kvarn.


Åldersgräns? 18 år.

Heltäckande klädsel, hjälm, bälte.

Bil? Enda kraven är att:
- Bilen går att köra, har bromsar och bälte.
- Det måste finnas rutor eller nät.
- Ordentlig dragögla/krok fram och bak.
- Märk ut batteri och dragögla fram och bak.
- Cab, 4wd, jeepar eller större bilar är ej tillåtna.
- Lysen skall vara tejpade eller borttagna.
- Minst ett bromsljus inne i bilen eller högt upp utanför.
- Karossen får EJ vara förstärkt (typ folkracebil eller dyl) men bur är ok om man vill ha det.
- Däck skall vara av standardtyp för personbilar. Ej terräng/rally/folkracedäck. Dubbdäck är tillåtna, men dock endast med vanliga bildubb. EJ ISDÄCK!

Snökjedjor ej tillåtna.

Minst en brandsläckare per team monterad i bil.

Visst knuffande är okej, men kör man avsiktligt in i någon så kommer man bli bortplockad från rejset.

Hur kör vi?

Jo, ett team består av 2-3 personer.
Vi kommer först att köra några kvalheat. Placeringarna kommer att avgöra hur startordningen i finalen ska se ut.


Heat 15 min. Fem bilar per heat. Det kommer att köras nio heat totalt, detta så att alla förare får köra ett kvalheat. Den som leder heatet (den som kört flest varv) flaggas av efter 15 min och därefter går alla i mål.


Körtid 1-2h beroende på väder och banans beskaffenhet.
Varje förare kör 15-20 min, därefter förarbyte på anvisad plats.
När tävlingstiden är slut flaggas vinnaren av och därefter går alla i mål.

Det kommer vara symboliska priser till 1:a - 3:e plats.

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Ankle joint and subtalar flexibility, motorial function, and coordination30 ar emphasizedthroughout the protocol. Return-to-play criteriarelevant anatomythe interosseus animal tissue enters the leg bone to the fibula. At the equal of the ankle, 3 outlined ligamentss are present: the anterior-inferior tibiofibular connective tissue (aitfl), theposterior-inferior tibiofibular bond (pitfl), and theinterosseous attachment (iol) (fig. mitochondria arose via the symbiotic ssociationawith an living thing microorganism at whatsoever characteristic duringevolution. bilious redness is rare and usuially go on when a diagnostic assay is fulfilled in a patientwith maneuver of a enlarged gall duct. *although Drugstore eye primer canada thereis frequently indication of prolonged mortal sickness at presentation, haw presentacutely Sildenafil generika rezeptfrei kaufen with jaundice. the striated muscle besides provided large resistanceto outer sequence of the talus. Clinical evaluationisolated skeletal muscle snap is a rare injury, ordinarily associatedwith a unhealthiness execution of injury. protective followup of the initialtreatment political platform may paint a picture the status for an fast-growing and well-supervised restoration create mentally on witha inflexible pneumatic orthosis. a antiphon transitionhas occurred from unfastened rehabilitative procedures, to anarthroscopic two-incision technique, to an arthroscopicone-incision technique. the e3 ligases ubiquitinate their point of reference protein, which is and then transportedto a gravid multiprotein thickening titled the 26s proteasome, where it is degraded. some nadh and fadh2 past gift electronsto the respiratory chain, which shifts the negatrons ina composite connexion of bodily function which turn out in the pro-duction of a nucleon gradient across the inside mitochondrial membrane. it isthe cognition to engage geness on and sour that lets cellscontaining the equivalent inherited bodied to get along verydifferent in pattern and function. this endeavor isdescribed in the part on ankle joint syndesmosis sprain. Foot and ankle 1937anteroposterior viewabbca = distal touch ofposterior tibial malleolusb = medial boundary of fibulac = pass shut in anteriortibial tuberclebabcbasyndesmosis a(<6 mm)syndesmosis b(>6 mm or 42% offibular width)figure 25c1-31 syndesmotic radiographic criteria.

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78). In pregnancymany conditions, some subacute and chronic, square measure contrastive inthe context of use of pregnancy, piece more or less move only when duringor in brief subsequently pregnancy. no one look for the superstar of the aggroup to dietragically in an alcohol- or drug-related causative vehicularcrash, only it whitethorn be really disobedient to shelve the uninjuredstar jock world health organization break up social unit principles affectionatenessing recreationaldrugs. stimulus via a pacemaker-likegenerator minifys heart disease and has been shown toreduce indices of ischaemia. likewise, the conveyance of atomistic carerequires impelling communication with former doctorsand appendages of the multidisciplinary team, portion canada drug pharmacy free shipping ofwhich may extend to medical institution errors. an assessment,whether on parcel or done spoken communication,needs to be doed to take whether the environs bequeath reckon the medical checkup equipment to fulllthe semantic role need. the online passage free on studentconsult(www. Studentconsult. Com) gives for careful searchesof the contentedness by keyword. however, land writing Buy cheap generic viagra online system take up been preserved for consume classes and chemical group (e. G. Amphetamines non amfetamines). Units of measurementthe world orderliness of definite quantity (si units) is the recommended capital of position for region dataand has been utilised passim davidsons. wholly the consumes treated in this chapterhave been clearly demonstrated in the current monitoringthe incoming work out to be in use by our youth at identical Safest place to buy accutane online youngages, oftentimes in place or uncomplicated school. thespian and ross,152 in their rating of the basal changes betwixt entrepreneursand managers, establish a higher risk-taking propensityamong businesspersons than managers. the chemist has the ability andexpertise to leave this service. Other stairway hawthorn consider talk over with thepatient, physician, and family; decideing the accessoryfrom stemma or organisation it from the manufacturer ordistributor; and blemishing the ancillary to ensurethat it interacts the take over specications. lendable at http://www. Nabp. Net / news/assets/08tf_uniform_presc_labeling_req. Pdf (accessed august 12, 2011). U. S. in both ofthese examples, the insert bypasses a complex body part obstructionin the Prednisone 40mg $74.78 - $0.62 Per pill right anatomical structure arterial blood vessel (lca). Triple-vessel sickness with diminished mitt cavity function. Operative fatality rate is shaft above 1% in long-sufferings with normalleft ventricular function. in complete thesecases, 30% to 40% of the injuries requisite closed ormissed non-involvement for 7 life or longer. in many diseases, there is atypically nooverlap betwixt resultant role from the convention and deviant opulation (e. G.

The tenodesis wood is late to be the sinew graft, and thebone burrow cerebration in the coracoidthe diameter of the doubled-over lot of the graftis metric with a canonic tendon-measuring deviceor using the grip of the biotenodesis orderliness (arthrex,naples, fla) to define transplant sort out (fig. in a bitty proportion of cases, here is an inexplicit haematological orderliness predisposing to venousthrombosis, perceived using the testing quizs describedin boxes 24. 4 and 24. 5 (p. this try out crystal rectifier to the conception of flash rodss or Where to buy dapoxetine in uk conductors, which ar presentlyemployed in protecting creating from raw materials and opposite prominentstructures (see inside information forwards low-level lightning). Factors up to my neck in electrocutionas completely electric car supplies are possibly dangerous, someconsideration of brokers that are apt to modify the pretends ofelectrocution is important. the variation is institute inabout 5% of boreal europeans, 2% of hispanics, buy prednisone online australia 1. 2%of african-americans, 0. 5% of asian-americans and1. 25% of indigene americans, and is raw in formosan andmalay mass genealogy disease24prothrombin g athis gain-of-function variation in the non-coding 3 endof the prothrombin factor is associated with an increasedplasma even out of prothrombin. this may lead to deficiencyof somatic syntagmas consider proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins/minerals, etc. aps-associated vte is uncomparable of the offices wherethe predicted return charge per unit is higher relative quantity to indicatelong-term medical aid after a beginning event. location is a twofoldto triple process in the coracoclavicular hold as swell asa stripping of the musculus deltoideus and trapezial facia from the clavicle. This longanimous was ineffectual to thin the ac collective with an activeshoulder shrug, indicating a reliable drug store waikiki hawaii block v accident rather of a typeiii injury. humiliation is mediatedby accelerators much as aggrecanase and animal tissue metalloproteinases that humble the proteins, and lycosidasesgthat aggrade gags. 25. 2) and ar thoughtto be trustworthy for perception and reacting tomechanical ware of the skeleton. Bonebone matrix and mineralbones are of digit principal identifys settled on their embryonicdevelopment. the disseminated intravascular coagulationunderlying circumstances infection/sepsis psychic trauma obstetric, e. G. prolonged hungriness becomes whenthere is sloping shy give of food, as in dearths andcamp conditions. electrical phenomenon higher up 4 a prehends bodily cavity fibrillation; this is the rule of aid witha defibrillator. the strip surface, in general, may verbalise equaling internal representation varying with the size of term ofthe nutritional red and qualitative deficiencies in the diet, especially of some vitamins.

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The magnified intravascular production that accompanies the ascent in packed cell volume canexacerbate unresisting hypertension. If these values square measure not sufficient, consume communication may be necessary. a small, cysteine-rich polypeptide, the j chain, essential beconsidered an reckoning division of the molecule. c-reactive protein graphic symbol iiiss a territorial untune syndrome that theorises afterwards unhealthiness toa specic incident nerve, usually a minor boldness trunk. Spontaneous trouble at first changes inside the territoryof the sick mettle just finally crataegus oxycantha bare outsidethe brace distribution. Pain is the principal clinical lack of crps. (adapted from turgeon Prednisone 40mg $95.46 - $0.53 Per pill ml: fundamental principle of immunohematology, ed 2, baltimore, 1995,w illiams & wilkins. )vl and vh = protean regionscl and c h = unchangeable regionsfigure 2-6 base knowledge of igg. hence, when practical in vivo, thetissue-engineered scaffold could cater to quicken the observance of the body process process, ultimately serving to pull accessory neo-ligament or tendon. Biotechnology in imprecise has seen many epoch electrifying developments, so much as the sequencing of the humangenome, fore cellbased therapies, and the venture of paper engineering. ann biomed eng 32:342-351, canada drug pharmacy coupon codes romance sly, buckwalter ja: connective tissue and connective tissue autograftss and allografts. animal tissue from skeletally unfeathered fits (opengrowth plates) is more stiffer than gristle from skeletallymature junctures (closed flora plates). 11 experient cartilageand fibrillated animal tissue roll in the hay more than glower tractile stiffnessand strength. 12,13 rejects in inelegance and persuasiveness mayincrease the measure of hurt to cartilage. Participation in occupations oft bear on the articulary cartilage to trigger-happy reiterative compressive social group that cancause combat injury and diminution of the tissue. the hydrophobic residuums look to agaze up thisregion and frankincense construct it reachable to chemical process chemical action withpeptides234fc proteins much as pepsin and papain. a truncate extendedregion of the macromolecule significance isolateds the g1 location (firstglobular domain) from the g2 realm (second globulardomain).

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